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Item: Underground tank
Anpow underground integrative filtration tank, Undergroud Tank is short, is solely developed by our company. Anpow Underground Tank uses the advanced craftwork and production technology in the world, and nontoxic superior colophony as the raw material supplied by the best colophony manufacture DSM in Holland. The technology is stable, safe, and reliable with good process effect. It is cost saving, occupying few production land and easy to install and maintain.
1. It has a professional, simple and practial design without the expensive equipment room.
2. It resolves the airtight and drainage problems through laying out grounding pipelines.
3. It uses superior raw materials and excellent process technology, which is anti-knock, anti-compression, anticorrosion, and anti-acid and alkali.
4. It has a reasonable design. Therefore, it is easy to install, operate and maintain.
5. The whole set of filtration system is installed in the Underground Tank. The operation of the integrated filtering is safe and reliable, which only requires maintain duly, no need to manage specially.
品名 型号 编号 长度 宽度 高度
Description Item Number Code L(cm) W(cm) H(cm)
地埋式一体化过滤箱 按摩功能 Underground tank (for massage)  MABS F-20 130 120 975
地埋式一体化过滤箱  Underground tank  MABS F-21 130 120 975

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