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Item: Air Energy Heat Pump
This Air Energy Heat Pump is a kind of energy-saving water heater. You don’t have to add an equipment room. This pump can be installed in open space, balcony, large-sized parking garage, mechanical floor and so on. Without any discharge of wastewater, waste residue and waste gas, this pump is easy-to-install, pollution-free, and environmentally friendly. Applicable to:hotels, sauna/bath centers, swimming pools, school, enterprises, institutions, and shower rooms for miners, etc.
空气能热泵 Air Energy Heat Pump
型号 额定功率 额定电压 制热水量 环境温度 最高出水温度 外形尺寸
Item No. Power (HP) Voltage (V) Water Heating Capacity(L/H) Ambient Temperature () Highest Water Temperature () Pakage(mm)
SMR-5 5 380 500 0-40 42 620*690*1320
SMR-20 20 380 1000 0-40 42 1820*690*1320
安全装置 /低压力开关、排气高温保护、冬季防冻结保护、压缩机过热保护、压宿机电流保护、逆缺相保护、漏电保护
Safety Device High/Low Pressure Switch, High temperature protection, Antifreeze protection in winter,Overheat protection of compressor,Overcurrent protection of comressor, Anti-phase & open-phase protection, leakage protection

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