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Home > Showroom > Sand filter > Top-mount Multiport Valve
Item: TOP-mount Multiport Valve (1.5 inch)


1.       FILTER (Normal filtration and vacuuming)
2.       BACKWASH (Cleaning filter by reversing the flow)
3.       RINSE (Used after backwash to flush dirt from valve)
4.       WASTE (By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste or lowering water level)
5.       RECIRCULATE (By-passes filter for circulating water to pool)
6.       CLOSED (Shuts off all flow to filter or pool)
7.       WINTERIZE (This device is used to prevent freezing) (ONLY EIGHT POSITION)
8.       SERVICE (The sorew on the handle should be replaced when repairing) ((ONLY EIGHT POSITION)


型号 功能项 管径 颜色 安装形式
Item NO. Vale positions Pipe size(inch) Body color Mounting location
MPV-01 8 1.5 White Top
MPV-02 6 2 Black Top
MPV-03 8 1.5 Black Side
MPV-04 6 2 Black Side

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